HANDS UP / Homo Novus

HANDS UP / Homo Novus

Agnietė Lisičkinaitė / BE COMPANY (Lithuania)

Dance performance inspired by the protest culture
In English with Latvian subtitles
40 min

The performance starts at the Festival centre, but ends at a different location.

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HANDS UP is a physical body position reflected in many different cultural, social, and religious contexts. The chosen topic is protest culture. “The embodied protest” is the result of an artistic research. In Lithuania, protests are identified with the strongly romanticized era of the Reform Movement, but in the context of recent world events and from a sociological perspective it is worth questioning the notion of protest culture as a virtue in itself. Non-constructive protest is a convenient form for anarchy to take root. A dance performance inspired by the protest culture examines the fragile distance between surrender and devotion, reconciliation and resistance. It raises such questions as: what kind of Protest Baby will we raise? Will it be a symbol of freedom or aggression? This is an investigation, and there is no one answer, just like there is no one truth.