Ode to Joy / HOMO NOVUS

Embodied performance which translates Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy into Sign Language

Creative Team: Amanda Coogan, Lianne Quigley (Ireland) and the Latvian Association of the Deaf (Latvia)

Place: Kokaru Hall, Mežparka Lielā estrāde, Ostas prospekts 11

Language: Sign

Nearest performance: 31.08.2024 16:00


A long-durational performance, where you are invited to lie, sit or stand and to move freely in the space

Creative Team: Dana Michel (Canada)

Place: Festival Centre Bergs, Marijas street 11

Language: No language

Nearest performance: 04.09.2024 18:00

Y: Slow TV Cinema / HOMO NOVUS

24h binge watching marathon of slow films made by Czech, Latvian and Dutch artists

Creative Team: Y Events (Czech Republic)

Place: Riga Circus Small stage "Horse Stables", Merkela street 4

Language: No language / Czech, Latvian, English a.o. subtitles

Nearest performance: 31.08.2024 11:00

Le Sacre du Printemps / HOMO NOVUS

Highly visual contemporary dance performance

Creative Team: Dewey Dell (Italy)

Place: Hanzas Perons, Hanzas street 16A

Language: No language

Nearest performance: 29.08.2024 19:00


Magical journey through the night time streets of Riga. A film that begins exactly one hour before you come to watch it

Creative Team: Gob Squad (Germany, United Kingdom)

Place: Splendid Palace, Elizabetes street 61, Riga

Language: In English

Nearest performance: 04.09.2024 21:30

Symphony of Solitude - S.O.S.

Surreal and playful performance installation. With humor and empathy, sound and images, the performance sheds light on loneliness, togetherness and the strange dynamics of neighbors

Creative Team: MØR collective (Denmark)

Place: Riga Circus Arena, Merķeļa Street 4

Language: There is very little text in the performance, and the text is in English

Nearest performance: 06.09.2024 19:00