Nearest performance: 08.03.2024 18:00

Claire Cunningham - 4 Legs Good / Homo Novus

This lecture performance by multi-disciplinary artist Claire Cunningham explores her artistic practice - specifically the use / misuse, study and distortion of crutches as artistic practice and how they shape her work. In the widest sense her work has shifted from her explorations about the connection between the crutches and the body – what is possible in the combination of the crutches with her and other bodies – to how the crutches connect her to the world.

Kim Noble / CAMPO - Lullaby for Scavengers / Homo Novus

Nav piemērota skatītājiem, kas jaunāki par 18 gadiem

Lullaby for Scavengers.

A lullaby is a soothing song.

Scavengers eat dead animals.

Alessandro Sciarroni - Save the Last Dance for me / Homo Novus

In "Save the last dance for me", Alessandro Sciarroni works together with the dancers on the steps of a Bolognese dance called the Polka Chinata. In 2018, the dance was practiced in Italy by only 5 people in total. It is a physically demanding, almost acrobatic courtship dance originally performed by men only, dating back to the early 1900s.

KVADRIFRONS - The Sleeper Awakes / Homo Novus

"The Sleeper Awakes" is a melancholic horror story about unbreakable bonds of friendship, multiple awakenings of Snow White, Bonnie Tyler's poignant superhit, a broken wind turbine, a giant mirror and an even bigger black hole

Sarah Aiken, Rebecca Jensen - Deep Soulful Sweats / Homo Novus

An ecstatic participatory performance experience with no spectators. In the thick of an unfolding choreography/ ritual/ rave/ contemporary dance class/ spectacle, DSS incrementally and exponentially encourages participants to let go and exorcise through exercise.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for dancing. They might get sweaty so bring a change of clothing if you're going out afterwards

Jaha Koo - Cuckoo / Homo Novus

A journey through the last 20 years of Korean history told by a bunch of talkative rice cookers.

One day when his electric rice cooker informed him that his meal was ready, Jaha Koo experienced a deep sense of isolation. 'Golibmuwon' (고립무원) is an untranslatable Korean word expressing the feeling of helpless isolation that characterizes the lives of many young people in Korea today.

GOB SQUAD - Western Society / Homo Novus

Western Society is a portrait of civilization in the 21st century, like a frame through which we can peep into the living room of an unknown family, and recognize ourselves. In a far corner of the internet, Gob Squad have found a fairly unspectacular home video, of a family gathering somewhere at the edge of the western world, a waste product of our civilization. There's a party going on. A room full of people. Family, friends and strangers are gathered around a karaoke machine, alone together and together alone.

All birds sing beautifully / Homo Novus

"All birds sing beautifully" is a musical participatory performance that offers viewers an unusual perspective on the borders of culture and nature, where a struggle between the cultivated and the natural, human order and wilderness, takes place. Within the performance, professional artists collaborate with young people who sing in choirs. Even the audience, by listening and hearing stories about birds and humans, contributes to the overall resonance of the show.