Y: Slow TV Cinema / HOMO NOVUS

Y: Slow TV Cinema / HOMO NOVUS

A 24 h marathon of art films inspired by the genre of slow TV. 24 films by 24 artists from different fields, projected in a row, one after the other. "Y: slow TV cinema" invites the viewer to slow down and tune into the stream of moving images. Without thinking or focusing on the plot, because audiovisual art doesn’t need to attract all our attention.

Creative teamY Events (Czech Republic)



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Show description
Drops of wasted time run down the relaxed bodies of visitors. The boredom of a long afternoon. Day and night merge in a stream of slow films that create a temporal structure with regular hourly intervals. Binge watching?

A performative event that invites visitors to slow down and tune into the stream of moving images. Twenty-four films by twenty-four artists from different fields, projected in a row, one after the other. Y: Slow TV Cinema aims to celebrate those moments when time slips through our fingers and we surrender ourselves to a hedonistic immersion in the moving images projected on the wall. Attention is unfocused, concentration is dispersed over the widest possible area, and sleep comes and goes at an irregular rhythm.
Slow TV is a format that takes into account the conscious refusal to focus on the plot and gives video (TV) the function of a “live image”. The forms of audiovisual art don’t always have to attract our attention. Slow TV cinema aims to give us time, rest and an invitation to slow down.


Y Events is a series of curated evenings focused on contemporary performing arts, on connections between the local and international scene, (re)searching for new narratives, organizing structures and theme frameworks. Each Y Event creates a shared space-time that aims to find common ground between theory, contemporary performance and immersive installation. Y Events takes place mainly in Prague, Czech Republic, at X10 Theatre and is curated by Anna Chrtková and Petr Dlouhý.


Curators: Anna Chrtková, Petr Dlouhý
Artists/film-makers: Agnese Krivade, Alaa Minawi, Bára Bažantová, Common Frames, Dries Verhoeven, Guna Zariņa & Kirils Ēcis, Iana & RienkeI, kars Graždanovičs & Karu Treij (The ShakeDown), Jan Frič, Jānis Šneiders, Julian Hetzel, Kateř Tureček, Katja Haitmann, Katrīna Rudzīte, Laura Stašāne, lobbyboy saab900turbo, Mailo Mēness, Matěj Nytra, Oscar Helcel, Tamara Moyzes & Shlomim Yaffe, Temporary Collective, Venuri Perera
Co-Producers: New Theatre Institute of Latvia and International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus”, Spring Utrecht, Divadlo X10
Financial support: Národní plán obnovy, Ministerstvo Kultury ČR, The City of PraguE